If you innovate you have to make prototypes. To prove that, your idea can be realized and to invoke Serendipity.

Prototypes must be shown to have effect. And that poses a problem:  space at congresses that matter is expensive. It was then that I remembered the prominent position granted to the Deutsches Röntgen Museum at the European Congress of Radiology (yearly, Vienna) and the Deutsches Röntgen Kongress (yearly, Berlin). So I phoned the Museum and asked for the director.
“And?” asked the director:  “Is the Museum interested in the Museum Exhibits of  “the-day-after-to-morrow” ?
And the Museum was !
Its director, Ulrich Hennig, translated this excellent attitude of the Museum into reality, in an expert and inspiring way. The Museum fostered my prototypes for six years at both congresses.

The Turning Point:
To realize that Innovation in the Past, at the time was Innovation of Today. And if that Innovation was important, Today has to be looked upon as the Past of Tomorrow.

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