Joysticks used to control the motion of CardioAngioApparatus (CAA) is deep 20th century. CAA is used for diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures (for instance Dotter procedures). The desired multi-degrees-of-freedom still is attempted at by joysticks. But this no longer represents the level of cybernetics possible today. The natural motion of the multiple-degrees-of-freedom structure of the CAA can only be brought about by a cybernetic input device showing exactly the same multiple-degrees-of-freedom structure.

Joysticks, unable to synchronize the structures (in motion) of the CAA and the input device, are unsuitable by design. Therefore I invented a Model of the CAA.

The multiple-degrees-of-freedom structure of the model is identical to that of the CAA. Relevant electronics in Model and CAA keep the structure of both identical, when I move the Model at will. This arrangement is called Master-Slave Cybernetics (MSC). MSC can be made retrofittable, so older CAA can be updated without the need to replace the whole CAA. This is a highly relevant feature for the buyer of CAA. The Ring Control currently is being tested at Delft Technical University.

The Turning Point ? To synchronize complexities and subordinate one to the other.

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