Tomography had a troubled start, now it is the Fundament of all Imaging.

It is 1930, and Ziedses des Plantes presents Mechanical Tomography (MT).
He presents it in the correct way:  in lectures and in writing. But no one listens. Not his colleagues, not his hospital. Not any society, be it consisting of colleagues, hospitals, Department of Healthcare,insurance companies or industry.

After six years (a university study in Law takes four years) Mr. Massiot, director of a factory in Paris, is inspired by the design and the clinical importance of the Ziedses Mechanical Tomograph, and builds the first machines.

Only after  “the people”  could see and experience the MT in action in the hospitals,one realized its importance. The success of the MT is carried on by the CT as we all know. What no one knew at the time:  Tomography became the Fundament of all Imaging, not only Computed Tomography, but also Ultrasound and Magnetic  Resonance Imaging.

The Turning Point:
Prototypes, shown to all concerned, are indispensable for Innovation.