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Sven Ploem

In the media

These are some  publications / references in the media: Vindingrijk: magazine van de NOVU, page 14 (Dutch) NewScientist – Model patients control X-ray machines NRC – Sven Ploem uitvinder  Publications Authored By Sven Ploem

Valedictory Speech (Dutch)

Rede uitgesproken door Sven Ploem, Radioloog, ter gelegenheid van de afscheids-receptie, hem aangeboden door de Afdeling Radiologie, Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen Dames en Heren, Het leven van iedere professional speelt zich af tussen twee afscheiden. Read more…

The Ring Control

Joysticks used to control the motion of CardioAngioApparatus (CAA) is deep 20th century. CAA is used for diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures (for instance Dotter procedures). The desired multi-degrees-of-freedom still is attempted at by Read more…


Tomography had a troubled start, now it is the Fundament of all Imaging. It is 1930, and Ziedses des Plantes presents Mechanical Tomography (MT). He presents it in the correct way:  in lectures and in Read more…